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Finally up and did it...

2010-01-29 21:16:19 by 9r3990

After years of being a member of Newgrounds and only a month of dabbling in the art of well, art, I have finally made my first submisiions ever. Now at least I won't feel like a complete stranger around the site. Unfortunately, I have only been attempting to draw for a month or so now due to on again/ off again ideas for webcomics and flash's. yet I have never once taken an art lesson in my life. I am getting better, though. As long as I am a college student with little to do during class breaks I will continue to practice, and am looking forward to the day when I eventually get Flash CS4 figured out.


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2010-01-29 22:56:32

grats on first submission.

9r3990 responds:

Thanks! I swear I'm trying... All of my classes this semester are multimedia onesso I am hard pressed as it is for now.


2010-04-04 15:15:09

hey i cant see your submision